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We’re Insurgo – the tape media experts: unbeatable supply, unique restoration and data management, and patented data disposal solutions.

As undisputed tape media experts, Insurgo is dedicated to providing unbeatable tape media supply, data management services, and patented disposal solutions to organizations across the globe.

Tape Media Supply

With over 200 backup and archive tape types in inventory, a network of global suppliers and a fully functioning UK-based service center, Insurgo can source and supply any format of tape media.

As well as offering world-leading expertise and support, Insurgo promises to track down whatever tape format you need, from open-reel to current enterprise formats.

Tape Data Services

With a globally recognized team and unmatched experience and expertise, Insurgo’s Data Support Services provide your organization with access to the data you need, when you need it and in whatever format you require.

Tape Media Disposal

Insurgo is home to the patented KIT and SWAT tape media disposal technologies.

KIT and SWAT are the most effective, secure, and environmentally-friendly ways to erase data from tape media. These methods leave no readable trace of data on processed tapes, with no chance of recovery. That is why governmental departments and large organizations who need absolute data security choose Insurgo’s KIT and SWAT as their preferred methods of secure tape erasure.

About Insurgo

Insurgo are the tape media experts. Established in 2009, the Insurgo group now boasts over 200 years of combined experience in the tape media industry.

We combine this unmatched experience with the latest research and development to push forward the entire industry and offer our customers the most secure and reliable solutions on the market.

Today, Insurgo provides tape and data management solutions to organizations across the globe, trusted by security-conscious organizations such as Thales, Morrisons, Met Office, Cardiff University, JD Williams, The National Library of Wales and four of the world’s largest investment banks.

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